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    Kevin So, live at Viper Bar, November 9, 2002      Mark Nelson of Machinery Hall, November 9, 2002

Viper Bar specializes primarily in studio quality acoustic live recordings and is available to talented artists and musicians throughout the metro Boston area. Local and regional singer songwriters and other artists use Viper Bar to record anything from samples and demos to full length live recordings. Viper Bar is also used by many area artists and musicians as a practice and rehearsal space and Viper Bar features such events as open mics, drum circles and live shows!

Viper Bar understands that in this day and age, interest and funding by record labels for acoustic folk, rock and blues is practically non-existent because this type of music is not part of the current popular trend and thus does not have the potential for instantaneous enormous financial returns. Therefore, Viper Bar provides these services to local artists and musicians at no charge. We are in this to do our part and for the love of music!

A Word About Advertising:    

     As earlier stated, Viper Bar is a non-profit operation and derives no income whatsoever from any of the advertisement links or banners found throughout this website.  These links are listed only because they provide interesting and useful information relative to local music and the Boston music scene.  Furthermore, any ideas, statements, or opinions listed on these websites do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Viper Bar.

Viper Bar Live 2, our newest double live compilation album featuring dozens of original songs written and performed by Boston area local artists and musicians and recorded live entirely at Viper Bar set for release Spring 2004!


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